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Kamloops Limousines rental cars in Canada transports many VIPs and luxury seeking guests to Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing. Mike Wiegele Heli Ski Resort is located about 3 hours drive away from Kamloops Airport (YKA). Whether you staying at Albreda Lodge( 45Kms from Mike Wiegele Resort ) or at the Mike Wiegele Resort you can count on us to transport you safely to start a lifetime experience of heli skiing in Thompson Okanagan Region.

Frequently Questions about Mike Wiegele Transportation

How do I make arrangements for return trip?
Winter season is very busy season for us as we are only the airport city near Sun Peaks Ski Resort and Mike Wiegele Helicopter Ski Resort. Please make your return trip arrangements when you make reservation for your first trips as we may not be able to accommodate your request for last minutes arrangements.

What if my flight landing in Kamloops is delayed or cancelled due to weather?
We are very well aware of the weather related issue that can affect our guest’s travelling plans. We don’t charge you additional for waiting at the airport for delayed or cancelled flights. We try our best to monitor your flights online, unless you are travelling by private plane, and try our very best to transport you safely to your destination. However to make sure that we aware of your situation we recommend that you call us immediately if you there is any sudden interruption in your travelling plan. Last minutes communication by email is not recommended.

Can I ask for shopping stop enroute to Blue River Heli Skiing.
We always offer quotations based on straight driving from Kamloops airport to Blue River and additional charges will apply if you would like to stop on your way. On average $100 per hour is charged for stop and driver waits outside in the vehicle while you are shopping.

How will you find us at Kamloops airport?
Kamloops airport is not very large building. Upon arrival just walk outside the exit door and our limousine or any other arranged vehicle will be waiting outside the door and there is normally not more than 2 or 3 commercial vehicles waiting and we can very easily locate you.
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About Kamloops Limousine

Based in downtown Kamloops, Kamloops limousine Service is licensed by British Columbia Passengers Transportation ministry to operate in the Thompson Nicola Region of British Columbia. Whether you need private chauffeurs in Kamloops or limousine service, Kamloops limousine service is your choice of reliable transportation. We simply provide best transportation Service in Kamloops and Surroundings areas. Our reliable and fully trained chauffeurs know the Kamloops tourism area very well and you can count on us to drive you around to the best wineries in Kamloops, golf courses in Kamloops.

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